The SERDA Youth Project 

The SERDA Youth Project was created and founded in June 2021 by the South East Region Development Association, with a vision to support young people to achieve their goals in life. The Youth Project will be directed by Sam Siggins, who is the current Mentor Liaison at the South East Employment Hub.


Sam will be drawing from his background in the Department of Justice and his experiences with mental health support during his time as an elite athlete. He will use this knowledge and experience to mentor the youth in the South East region of Tasmania, which includes the four council areas of Clarence, Sorell, Tasman and Glamorgan Spring Bay.


The SERDA Youth Project will provide ongoing opportunities to develop, refine and expand students skills and knowledge in a structured and safe environment. The program works together with employers and employees to benefit the youth.


The newly established Youth Project provides a great opportunity for students living in the South East of Tasmania, as the area is rapidly growing, and we want the people within to grow as well.


The SERDA Youth Project is a flexible concept. As it grows, we will continue to follow our vision of helping people in the community achieve their goals.